Volkenhiem: Character concepts + storyboard + Final Frames

Volkenhiem: Character concepts + storyboard + Final Frames

Alex Rowland
by AlexandraRowland on 13 May 2023

"Three adventurers are tempted into a journey to fight the villainous Kerylift, who has begun to spread curses and death amongst Volkenhiem. Just at the battles climax, it doesn’t turn out how they expected." Made with the teamwork and friendship of Lara Sirin and Hayden Richards.

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Sound editing and voice acting of Smog, Kerylift, Goblin bartender and ‘Hayden’, 2:54 to 2:59 of unused assets by Hayden Richard.

Voice acting of Aphu and frames from 0:00 to 1:15 completed by Lara Sirin.

Voice acting of Nox and frames from 1:16 to 2:36 done by Alex Rowland.

Special thanks to Michael for the voice of the Dungeon Master.

My rough conceptualization of the three protagonists at the beginning of the project to help ideate what we were going for (top to bottom Nox, Aphu, Smog) as well as character line up to note height differences.

Finalized character designs by Lara Sirin.

While Lara had undertook the main designs for the trio, I took on the job of developing a design for the main villain; Kerylift. 

Once the script was complete, I made the storyboard in order to pace out and visualise the events.

Moving onto making the animatic, we split it into 2 parts originally before it was split into 3 in order to have Hayden fill in some potential things we had wanted to add that got cut due to time. Below is a storyboard thumbnail being finalized into its frame.

I did frames 22 to 48 of the project, which was from the fight scene to the final fourth wall break.

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