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Concept Art : Down To Earth

Concept Art : Down To Earth

Nikola Dimov
by NikolaDimov on 5 May 2023

This is concept art for my first 2D movie ,,Down To Earth".

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Hi! Let me introduce you to my Concept Art collection, according to which I later made my first 2D film "Down To Earth".

One day in the middle of a pandemic, I came up with the idea of ​​a short film with a story I had never seen before... The rest is history :)

All the extraterrestrial movies I have seen have served as my inspiration. Since I am also a fan of comics, I first made a cover design for a comic book.

I later made two main characters, Griben Alien and Ace Alien.

Also, I started making the storyboard and which scene they would appear.

Of course the movie is more interesting if it has other characters ... so here they are.

What I focused on additionally is the environment and how to capture the atmosphere in each different scene.

The making process makes me happy. To capture this fictional world and connect the viewers with that magic, I had to make additional props, unique to each scene.

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