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Game Artwork - The Big Board from Wario Land 4.

Game Artwork - The Big Board from Wario Land 4.

Viktor Stambert
by VeoTheArtist on 2 May 2023

I decided to update this artwork I made 4 years ago, which is based on the level known as The Big Board from the game called Wario Land 4.

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Wario land 4 - The Big Board - Game Artwork.

In 2019 I made my first attempt to create a level environment from the game known as Wario land 4 based on The Big Board Level. In this year 2023 I decided to revisited this artwork I made and updated It by making the whole artwork look better by adding the main player character and level gimmick into this artwork based on the level environment!

The first picture in the progress view shows my completed version of the artwork I created in 2019 and how I improved on that version up to my latest version in 2023.

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