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Rebel - Think Tank Online (Intermediate) Project

Rebel - Think Tank Online (Intermediate) Project

Alejandro Mondragon
by alejandro242 on 10 Apr 2023

This was my project for my Intermediate term at ThinkTankOnline. I wanted to do something more photorealistic and practice Hard Surface modeling so I chose this Canon DSLR. I worked on this for about 4 weeks. This was a very challenging project especially trying to make it look realistic but I'm happy with the result.

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Cinematic video

I rendered some animated cameras in Maya and used Adobe After Effects to create this small video. I was trying to achieve a "TV commercial" kind of video, to showcase the camera.

Beauty renders

I rendered these using Vray for Maya. I did all the modeling, texturing, lighting and lookdev of the camera; the table and the background was created using Chaos Cosmos Library.



Progress showing clay render, wireframe, Uvs, Textures and Render


Think Tank logo easter egg!

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