Meliane Saintilan Piel
by MelianeSaintilanPiel on 21 Mar 2023

little video to show how we learned to put mocap on bipede by create a script on Python, we can also apply it on quadrupede (at some extend, we're still searching how to manage properly the IK's legs)

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We're principally using Mixamo mocap

each body's controlers have an option to more or less actived the mocap and there're also a main controler which is link to the main part of the body (the left arm, the spine ect...)

despite the mocap, the controlers are still maniable to fix the animation

in the case where the mocap's skeleton and the rig's one don't match (like the doe), we isolate the mocap's joints so it can be movable and match the rig

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