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WIP- Collab animation porject
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WIP- Collab animation porject

Christabel Lai
by moojodojo on 16 Mar 2023

WIP of Ying for the collaborative animation project.

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Update - 16 Mar 2023

I was recruited by an animation friend to assist her with her final project animation. Even though there are differences between creating animation and games, I can still learn to create models that are suitable for rigging as well as the animation work pipeline. Also, this will allow me to experiment with different industries I believe it would be a great time in university to experiment with different industries. This will also be a great opportunity for me to work in a team in which I will be working closely and communicating with my partners on occasion, working flexibly, and adapting skills from game production to animation.

The animation will be a 10-minute short film in 2D and 3D, with the goal of telling a story on multiple levels with a lot of symbolism from various angles to create a compelling, thought-provoking animation. The main goal of this project for me is to create a stylized, animation-ready character.

Concept of Ying by Alicia Tse

The animation is in black and white, exploring the symbolization of Ying Yang. The character I will be working on is Ying, who is quite confident in himself.

I decided to use the same technique for the hair of the fall guy princesses but after sculpting a bit more and making everything in shape I feel like there are too many hair strands and a bit too detailed. The process is a bit unnecessary because after looking at how people do stylized hair buns they mostly start off with extracting the head and sculpting off the base, like this one doing tie up the hair of Hanso.

it gave me a more clear direction on how to do the sculpting. ​​ In the princess models the Hair strands are a lot bigger and thick it works, that technique works well on the fall guys model because the hair is not tied up I don't need to wrap around it to cover the whole base of the head with the hair strands. Like the hair from this tutorial:

this technique works well with hair that has more flow and shapes. This is a good reminder of thinking through which techniques work better for different styles and shapes, it also made me learn the different ways of doing stylized hair.

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