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The Samurai Tiger

The Samurai Tiger

Maxence pamart
by MaxencePAMART on 13 Mar 2023

Hi here is my last artwork. I invite you to take a look at my artstation.

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Hi, I'm glad to show you my last work : Samuraï Tiger.

Let' s talk a little bit about my creative process, I tried to make a great mix between realistic texturing and cartoon shape .

Everything was sculpting with Zbrush, in terms of clothing, I first used marvelous then Zbrush to add details. I made the fur on maya using Xgen.

I also used Substance Painter for the texturing. And all the rendering is done on Arnold.

I particularly enjoyed doing the katana because it was a new exercise that I don't practice often. I have tried to show something that I cannot do on a character directly, but it remains consistent with my way of working. Especially with the ornament on the guard, I wasn't really sure how to work my microsculpt, but it came gradually.

I hope this project will please you.

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