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Fantastic Creature

Fantastic Creature

Haesol Kim
by haesol on 8 Mar 2023

This is my first portfolio. I started designing inspired by a frilled lizard and flowers.

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It's a work that contains a mysterious creature that seems to exist somewhere on earth and a researcher who studies it.

First, I had a specific concept of what kind of environment the creature would have and what kind of habits it would survive in, and sculpted it in Zbrush.

When reflecting the characteristics of real creatures, I tried to make it feel as similar as possible to the reference.

Then I worked on the textures in Substance Painter.

I combined various smart materials provided by Substance Painter and drew the missing parts by hand.

When I worked on the texture, I also tried to look at the living creatures and make them feel as similar as possible.

For PotterWasp's wings, I created a diffuse map and connected it to the Refraction's fog color.

Depending on the angle of light, the wings sometimes reflect from blue to purple, so the ramp was connected to the reflector.

I used Ornatrix for fur and Advanced Skeleton 5 for rigging.

After the rigging work, the awkward motion was secured using Blend Shape.

Potterwasp's wings moved automatically using Expression.

When decorating Vivarium, I downloaded the source from Megascan and placed it using Mash, and I used Bifrost Fluid for the waterfall.

Finally, the researcher was shot on a green screen and composited using Nuke.

Thank you for watching.

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