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Outta Here

Outta Here

Will Haldean Brown
by haldean on 24 May 2019

A life raft escapes an alien planet rich in some kind of glowing ore.

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I started this with the cool mountain shapes (which were inspired by a recent beeple piece), which are all procedural but can be art-directed by painting attributes onto a grid. From there, I drove the emissive veins using a procedural texture built on the original grid and created a noised-up fog volume by blurring my mountain geo. The life-raft-spaceship-guy was modeled in Houdini and I used shelf tools to create the steam trail coming out of its engines, and then used a combination of emissive materials and instanced point lights to do the spaceship light effect.

Grading and the addition of the starry backplate was all done in Photoshop and GIMP (whose color grading tools actually are really nice to use, to my surprise; Photoshop doesn't let you use a bunch of the color correction tools with 32-bit images).

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