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Rodolfo Silva
by RodolfoSilva on 7 Mar 2023

(Scroll down for a 76 slide breakdown of the process) This was a project executed within a 6 week deadline for the 3rd module of my MA in Game Art at Escape Studios. The point of this project was to learn through applied practice how to make VFX for games by making all the effects from scratch.

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First week was all about visual research, writing down a script to set camera beats and picking an asset pack to start assembling the level

Second week was dedicated towards assembling the level creating the cinematic shots, make a first pass of the lighting,and planning the FX.

The third week was all about environmental FX, which meant I had to test out my set pipeline in a couple of "simpler" FX such as Rain and Fog clouds.

On the fourth week I stayed inside the material editor to intensively focus on creating the water material as I knew it was going to be the most dificult part of the whole environment. Things like fake depth murkiness, flow map distortion, complex refraction, depth foam systems, vertex paint system to do some artistic tweaking to both the flow maps and foam textures, etc...

Fifth week was focused on the Fire effects and modeling the 2 diferent versions of the trees using speedtree.

Sixth week was about Cloth simulation, creating extra props that were needed and not included in the asset pack and any extra effects to add atmosphere to the scene such as the tree wind and flies.

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