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Gatherer's garden and diary — Bioshock Fanart.

Gatherer's garden and diary — Bioshock Fanart.

Laura Suonpera Lozano
by DevLuuna on 3 Mar 2023

Lately I've been playing Bioshock 2 and I felt inspired to re-do one of my 3D artworks. This is the new version of the Gatherer's Garden I modeled last year! It has better topology and I applied the knowledge I've adquired this last few months working as a surfacing artist.

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I created a simple animation for the diary to make it look like it's working as it does in the videogame! The tree and the plasmid's fluid are animated too.

For this project, I focused on my surfacing skills since I wanted to create realistic materials.

And here's the topology! I kept details such as the text and the diary's screws in the geometry for the final render but they can be easily projected as textures.

Hope you enjoy this little fun project!

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