Futuristic Sci-Fi Jazz Music Instruments Shop - IFA FYI ESMA 2021-2022

Futuristic Sci-Fi Jazz Music Instruments Shop - IFA FYI ESMA 2021-2022

by Leonel on 27 Feb 2023

The aspect of driving such project by beginning with some drawings, that somehow are driven to be created in 3D, is such an amazing process. I am really happy to have discovered and reinforced this via this last project of my first year in 3D school and watch the first intentions come to life !

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Scene 1 Wireframe and AO

Scene 2 (Night) Wireframe and AO

We are in 2358, Emmet Stevenson is an elderly man who was one of the greatest scientist and one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence of the 23rd century. After creating the ultimate algorithm to decode human life by solving the majority of existing problems on Earth, it was not accepted by the majority of companies. The goal for which he worked so ardently could never be executed and therefore took refuge in his second passion which is music. Jazz more precisely, the most classic, in rhythm. Not knowing what to do with his long years of technological practices and inventions, he began to attend concerts, the living, everything that made him feel alive. The visceral and intense sensation of feeling the experience of life overshadowed his desire to redesign the future. On a whim, he transformed his laboratory into a shop where he could repair and sell old jazz instruments. Even with a resentment and an unparalleled nostalgia to leave his first passion, he very quickly learned the basics of wood, the sounds of strings, the subtleties of brass. Once he had mastered all this he grew weary. The sales followed one another but he was bored, something was missing. The instruments had a soul but he was looking for more, he felt the need to bring more to the melodies of his wood and to the charm of violin making. He therefore comes to combine know-how and machinery to combine the musical warmth of the musician's faults with the coldness of the perfection of the machines.

I am responsible for all aspects. This project was done in 3 weeks for the modeling/lighting/rendering and post-production. Done with Maya, Pixar's Renderman and Affinity Photo.

For this project I used OpenColorIO that is coded from ACES and made the entire lookdev and post-production in a linear workspace. As well as 4K+ Textures for a UHD Render.

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