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Underwater Temple

Underwater Temple

Alberto Abanses Moreno
by AlbertoAbanses on 16 Feb 2023

Hello! I want to share with you this Underwater Temple where I've been working on for a time, I really enjoyed a lot the process of making this environment.

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Hello! I want to share with you the lastest project i've been working on.

This Underwater Temple is an Environment that i've fully made from scratch. From the first concepts for the idea, to all the modeling, texturing, ilumination, cinematics and other technical stuff (VFX, Water Material...)

Special mention to Karim Abou Shousha ( ) that made an underwater blueprint ( ) that I study to learn how he made the caustics, the water on the surface, and the underwater mood to be able to do it by myself.

The plants and the fishes are from that blueprint because I hadn't enough time to do it before the deadline comes.

I've learned a lot from this project and I can't wait to start a new one in order to put in practice the new knowledge.

I hope you like it!

Static shots of the temple

Gameplay of the UnderwaterTemple

Assets creation

First I model the Low Poly Mesh of the different assets with the blocking of the level as reference to have a good scale of the props. 

When the LowPoly version was finished I imported it to Zbrush to make the High Poly version. I used the crease tool of the Zmodeler Brush to mark the sharp edges of the model before subdivide it and then I start sculpting the details.

Once I had the High And Low poly version of a prop a made the UV's and then bake the details from the HighPoly to the LowPoly.

Finally I did the textures and import the assets to Unreal Engine.

WIP of the Temple from blocking 

First time with Substance Designer

For this project one thing that I want to prove was Substance Designer, so I did these 3 materials.

I used the first or second material (depending on the asset) as a base layer for mostly all the assets to start texturing.

Water Master Material

For this project I wanted to learn how to usea a good water material so I spent some time watchin tutorials and trying different things. 

Finally I made some Material Instances to create the different Waterfalls and the calmed water of the temple.

Magic Crystal VFX made on Niagara

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