Dolce Amore

Dolce Amore

Karen Kuzmiak
by thekuzicartoon on 13 Feb 2023

Inspired by Ratatouille, Pixar Animations Studios

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What sweet love! Taking full advantage of the Italian life, Josh brings on the charm with his sweetheart, Mery.


Romance in the air! This 45-frame scene from Ratatouille (Pixar Animation Studios) caught my eye with the beautifully warm, fall colors of Paris and late afternoon-early evening sunlight.

Ratatouille was the first film I saw in theaters when I moved to Italy to live La Dolce Vita. I thought it was apropos to set my scene in an Italian piazza.


From the beginning to the final result.

Deepest appreciation to the following great artists, for without their inspiring pieces my piece wouldn't be possible.

Piazza set by Anuar Figueroa (The Alley) -

Car (Holiday Snow Globe)
Foreground table, chairs, props and background couple/driver (A Morning Coffee)
modeled by Sara Tarr -

Mery rig by MeryProject -
Malcolm rig by AnimSchool -
Rex rig
Artem Dubinas [Rigging] -
Manon Delcourt [Model/Texture] -
Toy Story 4, Pixar Animation Studios/Walt Disney Animation Studios

And as always, special thanks to:

*Juan Lopez, for his chipmunk lessons and perfectionist eye -
*Chandler Norwood, for his forever support and friendship from the very beginnings of my lighting journey.
*Quan Tran - and
*Adam Yost -, for their guidance and feedback.

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