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Warhammer 40K Space Marine

Warhammer 40K Space Marine

by cache22 on 26 Jan 2023

This project originally was just an exercise to practice some techniques of hard surface modelling, including both boolean and subdivision workflows in Blender. I went on to finalize the character by texturing in Substance Painter.

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Clay renders of the front, back, and profile views in orthographic perspective for further concepting. This initial phase of the production process I was solely aiming to create accurate proportions to the original Warhammer 40K character, and silhouettes that were desirable to the eye.

This phase of the production process focused on highlighting the effort put into the topology.

This final stage of the production process was to create an eroded metallic material in Substance Painter. I chose to exclude trim and final details for this stage. I plan to recreate a version of this figurine with color details that are more representative of the Warhammer 40K styling in the near future.

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