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Necromancer Staff - Hero Prop

Necromancer Staff - Hero Prop

Berenika Zemanek
by BerenikaZemanek on 19 Jan 2023

A winning hero prop entry for a challenge organised by the XYZ 3D Art Discord community. Since the challenge's theme was 'Magic' I decided it would be a great opportunity to learn more about shaders in Unreal Engine.

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The crystal glowing effect is a combination of a crystal shader applied to the main mesh, a sphere with an emissive fresnel shader (to emulate the glowy aura) and a point light.

For the crystal shader, I used a camera vector with a water noise to create the subsurface effect. I then blended that with the textures created in Substance Painter, to preserve the edges, damage normals and the carved symbol in the middle.

I created the prop from my own concept.

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