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Recovery of the Heart

Recovery of the Heart

by AngellaIm, AnsArt, CaseyS, and Jhuynh on 15 Jan 2023

A woman inside an abstract painting comes to life. While struggling to fit in, she soon discovers there’s more about her to celebrate. My main roles in the Short film were Character Concept artist, 2D Rigger, and animator. This was a collaborative effort between students at JMC academy.

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Starting off I helped the producer with 1st Rough Storyboard

I was also assigned to design the exterior and interior of the gallery, these where the early design and rough models.

Going off of the Destiny Hessions character design I was tasked to render out more painterly and realistic versions of the characters. As well as I designed all the frames for the characters.

For the main character, I started off creating silhouettes and asked the producer and director which one they liked most and from there created different iterations. The head of the character was already designed by a different artist. 

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