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AI Test (Horror)

AI Test (Horror)

Matthew Kosenko
by Yummybacon123 on 10 Jan 2023

A little play around with some AI to get better grips on making interesting interaction with the player.

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Created a cool menu and have changed the pipeline to Unity HDRP to make those textures and lighting really pop.


- AI improvements, AI will now try and ambush the player depending on how many enemies are in proximity and are "hostile."
- Ray Tracing, ray tracing has been added to select lights that really make the world pop and look polished.
- Volumetric Fog, fog has been added to deepen the feeling of being in somewhere abandoned and alone. This has been tuned as to not interfere with performance.

There is a lot more to cover but it is just best if I show you so here are a few snippets from the newest build (version 0.9)

Thankyou to all the play testers helping with difficulty scaling and general bug/performance fixes.

//scroll to bottom for gameplay

I decided to push myself in Unity to try and make some good AI like the Combat Evolved days. After a bit of coding, adding a laser pistol to a almost hide and seek like game I was having lots of fun in just the grey box stage. I couldn't leave it there though..


Laser Pistol that overheats if shot for too long, leaving you in the dark as it and it's bullets are your only light source. The laser pistol has a nice glowy light on it that really light up the room nicely (for horror) and its colour changes as well as blinking really help sell the panic when you are really needing to hit those shots on those pesky AI.

Random Aggression Levels from the AI, normally they try and hide from the player, unless damaged a bit too much for their liking, then they will attack the player, going to the players last known location and stealing health from the player before going back to hiding. The AI also do random check every now and then and if RNG is in their favor a horn will sound and the AI will start hunting the player. If they can see you, you will know, there are lots of different audio ques for how the AI is feeling.

Different damage states for the player include a reddening of the screen when hurt and some spooky SFX that play to indicate how much more the player can take. Blood also spurts out because why not.

A simple little play around for me in Unity but I learnt a lot and this is easily my favourite project and I look forward to completing it.

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