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Stag Beetle Showcase (Sci. Prosopocoilus Occipitalis)

Stag Beetle Showcase (Sci. Prosopocoilus Occipitalis)

by JoelKIDANGAN on 3 Jan 2023

This is a stag beetle created in Maya and Rendered in Renderman. Texturing was done in Mari. Retopology and Lookdev was done in Maya as well, using Renderman.

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Hi everyone, Here is a beetle I've worked on for the past two months alongside other projects. I'm responsible for all aspects of this piece. From pre production sketches to every aspect of production.

I've also posted a breakdown of the same on my profile in case you're interested. Thank you and have a nice day.

                                                                                 Hero Shot

                                                                                   Close up 1

                                                                             Close up 2

                                                                                         Lookdev Turn

                                                                                     Wireframe Turn

                                                                                 Direct Diffuse Turn

                                                                                               SSS Turn

                                                                                       UV Layout

                                                                               Preproduction Sketch

                                                                      References - Condensed

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