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The Fools Crown

The Fools Crown

Kit Woodburn
by Kitwoodburn on 20 Dec 2022

This project consists of a cast of 4 characters for a 2D animated series targeted at a teens to young adult demographic. Made for a Uni project.

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Story synopsis: Dorian- the uptight Prince who becomes unhappy with royal life is sick of being treated differently than others around him. As the pressure creeps up on him to inherit the throne, he seeks help from the  castle Mage, Nadira and her apprentice, Ruse, insisting that they use their magic to disguise him as a strong and mighty knight. With a mix-up in spells, he is instead tuned into a court jester. As the jester, our Prince finds himself jumping from one chaos to the next, seeing the palace court in a much different light, as he discovers what they really think of the Royals.

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