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by Dionranieri1 on 21 Dec 2022

A boy is walking alone in the city with silence around him. Knowing he has his phone and headphones on him, he decides to play his music, and all of a sudden, the windows on each building begins to light up and flicker different colours like a disco and the boy dances along with the city disco lights

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When the trimester beginning, we would need some form of referencing in order to continue on with the group project. 

Ranging references to buildings, props, even accessories that may come in handy. 

After finding what I need, I began to model the buildings block after block. Came out nicely, some had to be redone and recreated in a different way but ended up how I would want it to look.

This bit of accessory was one of the many things I want to look amazing, as clearly viewed from the first image it looks good but boring, so as you move to the next image, it has more depth to the prop and gives us a better look at what the stereo boombox looks like.

This progression at the time I personally thought was looking good now coming back and seeing these buildings that I have imported from "Substance Painter", doesn't give me a good feel for it due to how stretchy most of these buildings looked. 

SO! In these images above, the building models have been reworked and looks much better thanks to "Poly Haven" and also as shown, there have been addons with lighting and more 'disco-type' of lights on the windows of each building.

This here is what I'd call a "Semi-final" look to the project before rendering, and I was very impressed with how far I have gone with this project and knowing that it'll look amazing when the animation is completely done> I have missed one tiny thing on it, and that is just to add a couple of extra lights to give out the flooring and lights for the stereo boxes to give out their attention. Not too much, can never go overboard with the use of lighting, but just a tad bit of lighting will do.

WOOO!! Now this right here is the final result of the entire environment project.

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