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2020 artworks compilation

2020 artworks compilation

Euphy - Lise Marin
by Euphy on 3 Dec 2022

2020 was a pretty creative year were I figured out how much I wanted to give more value to my original character and their universes. Also, COVID gave me a real opportunity to try new projects during the lockdown. That's why I created 2 characters for a future webcomic idea.

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Artstyle experimentations

At first this was an artchallenge where we were supposed to do the entire oppisite of our current worflow. But at the end it came out so great that I kept it and try new things with it.

"Burn for you"

Abandoned webcomic project that I started thanks to the lockdown. I was pretty surprised about this idea that I hasn't any clue at the begining but it ended up as a good memorie in my art journey.


He's a mercenary, more kind of spy type, he has strong face shapes with a kind of femininity. He's cold mostly serious and seems intimidating at first glance. He's Aiden's associate.


She's a mercenary like Arson but she's a poisonner. Former scientist and chemist, she kills on demand. Unlike her associate, she has a flat face, masculine traits and a large burning scar on her left cheekbone. Even though she's versatile in her behaviour, she keeps a distance with others because of trust issues.

Original characters content

In parallel of my webcomic idea, I was pretty active on instagram and I made few illustrations of original characters that I already created since 1 or 2 years.

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