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Diorama Grendizer

Diorama Grendizer

by MelissaLarquemin on 29 Nov 2022

My first project on Unreal Engine. For this school project we had to create a diorama around an icon of Pop-culture. I chose Grendizer (Goldorak). This diorama is directly linked to the Robot project (APR-001). As my robot works in an orphanage, Grendizer, which is an icon linked to childhood, seems appropriate to me.

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The head of the famous GOLDORAK mecha is cleverly transformed into a children's game, equipped with its slide, its swing and its cobwebs. It is the center of a large game piece. These dented fins and visible scratches are signs of a past confrontation. The room is dark, the lights flicker and the surrounding dust shows the time that has passed since the children left. The walls, formerly plastered with the names of the areas, the exposed pipes and the remains of military equipment bring a heavy atmosphere to this place.

3D view

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