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Character Design - Elker

Character Design - Elker

by Phoebie on 29 Nov 2022

Elker is an introvert, she doesn’t like to talk to people due to her weird magic power. She is scared easily, and overly concerned about small things. She is afraid of what people think of her. Three words that can describe her are introvert, careful, and smart.

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In this world, Quela, everyone has their magic power, which they were born with. However, their magic power would disappear once they are 18th years old. Elker, 9 years old primary school child suffering from her magic power. Her magic power is turning people into animals like rabbits, puppies even a big elephant by just talking to them. Although it only lasts 30 minutes, it causes trouble for her friends around her. This leads her to be an introvert and a shy person with anxiety. She is afraid to talk to people in her school, she needs to be extremely careful. Therefore, she always takes a heavy notebook and pen to communicate with others.

One day, Elker is walking back home from her school, and she saw a leaflet on the floor writing “Want to explore a whole new world by changing your magic power? Contact Us!” Elker was attracted by the advertisement, she can’t wait to change her boring life now. The leaflet leads her to a mysterious forest just at the back of her school. Elker went back home and prepare for her long journey to the mysterious forest. Who will she meet there? What will happen after she had changed her magic power to the other?



After I had written my synopsis, I gather some visual references and tried to get some references that fit the character personality and age. I also tried to observe Dr. Seuss art style from the movie and the illustrations that was found on internet.




In the stage of modeling, I had created my model in Zbrush first and import my model into Maya. After that, I use the quad draw tool to retopology my model. Although I personally think that the model looks better in Zbrush than Maya after I retopologize the model, I think that I am satisfied with my final 3D model character.

360 Turntable

Final UV & Texture maps

Basic animation test IN MIXAMO


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