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Gary Mandich
by GaryMandich on 18 Nov 2022

Created in my spare time using Zbrush and Photoshop. Bio written and created by Gareth Swart

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The colour of death is not oblivion. The colour of death is oily black, with pinks and green swirled into it. Death has no eyes but sees all. It stands Bi-pedal. It stands tall and it stands on the corpses of those who created it. It is patient, it can wait unmoving for what seems like an eternity but when it does it brings only the end. It sees and hears and it walks, It walked now towards Ronosk and he was terrified, The green scientist scrambled away from it as best as he could.

His skin turning different shades of blue in fear as he slipped in his colleagues blood. He whimpered and scurried but even if he was running instead of crawling he knew he could not outrun death. A clawed foot gently pressed against his back, pinning him in the puddle of his executive chief's life blood. He froze in the red stickiness, hoping for mercy. It was impossibly quiet as he held his breath in anticipation.

Surely he would be spared for if anybody would be spared surely it would be him. Every second began to stretch as he waited, he could not hear his own heartbeat as everything became eerily still. Every second felt like an hour as time stretched into a lifetime. He felt panic begin to rise in his chest as his mind raced through a thousand ways to avoid the one outcome that he knew was coming. He had a brilliant mind and had a mountain of achievements to prove it, he was a leviathan of intelligence and had defied the very essence of physics itself, surely he could defy this moment too.

He did not feel pain as his head was torn off his shoulders, His vision had become foggy as his mind began to slow. Even as his decapitated head stared back through misted eyes at the elongated head of death he thought of ways he might escape it. The world faded from shapes to colours and even those began to fade away. Oily black with green and pink were the last colours he ever saw.

Created in my spare time using Zbrush and Photoshop.

Bio written and created by Gareth Swart

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