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Freak of Nature (Environment features)

Freak of Nature (Environment features)

Petra Beš
by PetraBe on 16 Nov 2022

This is just a small collection of world building elements of vegetation I modelled and textured for the game "Freak of Nature". I also used sculpting mode within Blender 2.83 in order to create hight maps for some of the models. Texturing was once again done in Substance Painter.

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Forest of all things strange 

"One could say that in "Freak of Nature" plants rule pretty much everything. What is more, they have taken over every other organic matter both human and non-human alike. Spreading "corruption" through air, water and soil. The plants seep through everything and mutate anything in their path, unstoppable and relentless (and with some interesting results)

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