Mystical Ruins

Mystical Ruins

Piotr Walasek
by PiotrW on 14 Nov 2022

Project created and thought of as an additional exercise to better understand basics of Unreal Engine. I especially like how it came out with the lightning and pedestal model, which was really fun to create. Background for wand renders by malkowitch from DeviantArt (

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View from up above - at first I wanted to use it solely for Thumbnail but in the end I really liked how it came out.

That's "default" view of my scene. It also clearly shows the sky, which was really a pain in the *** to set properly at first ;)  But then I've found a perfect tutorial and it came out great I think.

Ominous shot from below while walking up the stairs, to grab the magically-mechanic wand.

First time rendered movie within Unreal! I do realize it's rather silly - should probably have a few cuts here and there, multiple cameras etc. It would probably look more professional. But I wanted this fluid single cut, plus I'm really happy with it! :)

A close up shot of the wand from pedestal. I realise it's not clearly visible most of the time, both on renders and movie, so I've decided to include these too.

The only problem I really have with wand, is that it's still more complex than I wanted it originally, but it's also been designed initially as a hero asset for VR game.

On the other hand, it really has quite a lot of elements, so it's understandable. But still! :)

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