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Living Machines

Living Machines

Eli Marusich
by EliMarusich on 11 Nov 2022

Concepts of Robots and Machines with organic or living components

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A series of machines and robots with varied integration into nature I did quick sketches for between August and October of 2022.

This first sketch was a robot whose binary thoughts were loosely inspired by the falling code of The Matrix which in this case represent the shock passing through his mechanical brain.

This concept was one I did pretty loosely inspired by the Pokemon Deoxys. The idea was a semi-organic machine with a practically cellular structure allowing it to grow muscle like growths on the limbs to aid in movement or combat. 

This sketch was also meant to demonstrate a mechanical and organic fusion but on a more natural and unintended level with a military structure of sorts being slowly enveloped into a jungle.

This last sketch transitions back into the fully mechanical but with design based on prehistoric dinosaurs. The only thing better than dinosaurs is robot dinosaurs.

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