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Apartment Room Environment Modelling

Apartment Room Environment Modelling

Allan Susilo
by AllanSusilo on 9 Nov 2022

An apartment interior modeling pieces in do for my personal project . The project aimed at optimization while also maintaining cinematic look in final output. I also do this to learn new tool and applying texture atlases to reduce amounts of shaders used and borrowed assets from sketchfab and quixel for efficiency.

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Hi everyone! i would like to share my workflow and process on how i tackle this personal project on mine which is an environment render for apartment interior i self designed for myself if i were to live in one.


First i gather reference for how the interior of my apartment should look like. At first, i took inspiration from the Lofi girls room vibes and room composition by checking through their official website. Other than that, i searched for real photograph for more reference in lighting and composition. Assets that i searched for references were also based on actual product which i replicated and modify a bit in modeling and texturing part. 

Once the references gathered is enough, i began blockout phase for the whole room by making simple shapes. Then, i begin to make individual assets to fill the environment. Since it will get clumped up and make the file size quite big, i split my scene into several sections such as bed, table, kitchen, etc to reduce amount of file size in 1 file. This also to help reduce chance of crash because of huge file size. All this sections are later referenced into 1 main file which is used to compose the scene.

Since this is quite a big project, i decided to borrow some assets from sketchfab and Quixel megascans to speed up my workflow and create efficiency to finish this project. As for the fabric such as blanket and floor mats, i decided to use Marvelous Designer which give impressive result to show natural folding for fabric based material.

Texturing wise, i rely on substance painter and photoshop. Photoshop mainly used for making texture atlases for books, snack packaging boxes, sticky notes and other repetitive object. This is also a good practice to reduce amount of shaders used if the object share similar shape but have different apperance.

Assets that's borrowed notably laptop, guitar, backpack, cardboard, newspaper, mouse and burger boxes are used to quickly fill up the spaces. I do minor texture retouching for laptop to give it personal touch inside photoshop and substance painters.

Another point to mention is i make 2 lighting scenario which is daytime and Night. Both render are then enhanced for post processing inside nuke and photoshop.

Various shots angle i do to show the whole room interior

Assets Highlight

These are some of the hero assets i made as part of the environment. For the Glaceon plushie, i do high and low poly inside zbrush which later i baked down the high poly details inside substance painter. 


Overall, i feel quite satisfied with project overcome by exploring new tool such as marvelous designer for creating fabrics which i have never done before and also researching for the interior composition. Feedback from my peers and lecturer also help me to build up the scene correctly and adjust it as needed to produce good output.

That being said, this scene is not completely flawless. There are things that can be improved upon and such it's quite important to elevate my modeling skills and texturing to the next level especially when it comes to highly detailed assets.

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