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by harsha217 on 4 Oct 2022

Real-time character project for my advance term at Think Tank Training Centre

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This is a real-time character I did for my 9-week advance term final project at Think Tank Training Centre. Although, I was done by the end of 9th week, I took a little more time to refine it further. It is also the first time I used hair cards which is a very new topic for me. Since, the concept had a simple hair style, I was able to get a decent result. For the eyebrows and eyelashes, I just used the Xgen geometry.

For the skin details, I used ZWrap and projected the high poly model onto the textured base mesh from

The character is based on the concept from deepfry (, please check out his page for more amazing concepts. And a huge shoutout to my supervisor Luis Omar (, for sharing his invaluable feedbacks and workflow techniques which played a vital role for me in achieving this result.

Softwares used:
Marvelous Designer
Subtansce 3d Painter
R3DS Zwrap
Marmoset Toolbag

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