Wholesome Distractions

Wholesome Distractions

by Rakuen9 on 26 Sep 2022

An experiment with Marmoset toolbag to soothe the learning process.

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So, I'm supposed to be learning polymodeling and Maya but of course, I get distracted by Marmoset Toolbag 4 and my new old love ZBrush. 

I was growing so frustrated with how slow I am working to make the crates.. it took me a couple of days to figure out that I just needed to reassure myself that I know how to do something so I just made this bust from memory to test out what stuck after a brief burst of studying new anatomy references. 

I am also brand new to Marmoset Toolbag, so I had a lot of fun just adding materials to my models, and finding my old favorite, the noise. I really like the look of film photography which I also dabbled with. 

Another fun part was setting up the lights which has been something I wanted to do for years. Every time I am in a theatre space I feel this urge to speak to the staff to let me play with the drama of the lights and I'm really excited about that being part of my work process going forward. 

I've also wanted to try the video options and I just used the turntable option so far, but I did have a lot of fun playing with the focus.  I really like elements of abstraction in photography and cinema and it's a lot of fun to do that digitally. 

I can already see so many things that can be improved with this project. There are some issues with the models that I didn't notice until I broght them to the Marmoset scene, I did no optimization at all, the texturing is basically non existent as well, only using the materials that came with the software and vibes, and all those kind of trickled into issues with rendering the video and so on, but I still really really like the general mood of this project. I wanted to go for like... transitional time in between shows at a small art gallery and I'm pleased with the results. 

Thanks for taking a look at my work! See you around! 

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