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Key to Opportunity

Key to Opportunity

Edu Morales
by edumorales3d on 26 Sep 2022

"Behind every door there's a hidden opportunity, a possible future, a possible new outcome." Foundation Final Project done for Think Tank. Original artwork by Valentina Remenar: Thank you for checking out this project!

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This is my Foundations Final Project for Think Tank. Based on the concept "Key to opportunity" from the awesome Valentina Remenar.

I felt extremely inspired by her artwork and specifically this piece. The message reached me and I really connected with the image, so I wanted to give it a shot. It's been lots of hard work to get to this point, but I'm feeling great so far and very thankful for all the learning this project has meant. I was extremely used to work in a Real-Time workflow, creating content to render in Unreal Engine, and this has been a huge challenge, as I had to re-learn some stuff that I was giving for granted.

I can't thank enough to my Supervisor Tomas Sackmann for all the feedback, guidance and support he's given me.

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