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St Victors Bay - Concept Art - Enemy plants

St Victors Bay - Concept Art - Enemy plants

by Cthompson2 on 11 Sep 2022

This is our major project for JMC academy which we undertook for Studio 1 and 2. The game is entitled St Victors Bay and is a first person survival horror game. I was the lead artist and also did some modelling/ texturing and some UI design for the project. Here is some of the concept art work i did for the enemies.

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Concept Art for a mutant plant enemy type called the Runner. Colour exploration and iterations. 

This was the final concept for the Runner which was then made into a turnaround. screen tests were created to see what the enemy would look like in the environment. 

Concept art for the Bomb plant, Spit Plant and Walking Spitter. 

Final selected designs for Bomb Plant, Spit Plant and Walking Spitter which was made into turnarounds and modelled in 3D. 

Concept art for Alpha Plant which was a larger more formidible version of the Runner enemy. 

final concepts of the Alpha. 

Home Flower design, the runners hang around these as home bases and they let of pheromones.

Initial explorative concept art for various plant enemies. 

colour explorations of the main enemy plant runner and a boss which was not used in the final game. 

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