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Robot Scarecrow

Robot Scarecrow

Sara Iswaid
by saraiswaid on 10 Sep 2022

My 3D Visualisation, fully done on Maya, based on the concept art of Ivan Kunakh.

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                                                                                Robot Scarecrow

When I saw Ivan Kunakh's Concept Art, I Imagined the scarecrow escaping from a factory through a pipe with hanging wires on his way to fight against the crows, I added a spikes shader to make it look scarier and experimented with BOSS to add water. My approach was to make it simpler than my other projects with no detailed textures and an interesting silhouette, as I wanted to achieve a cool result only by using Maya, cinematic rendering, and yes... to avoid some UVs this time. 

                                                                        Clay Render -------  Final Render

                                                                           Wireframe | Maya Scene

                                                    Concept Art ----- My 3D Interpretation

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