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WIP- AAA Game charecter marvel punisher ( frank castel)
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WIP- AAA Game charecter marvel punisher ( frank castel)

by Killivalavan07 on 7 Sep 2022

I have been working on this charecter for 20 to 24 hrs now. I recently watched daredevil and punisher series. I love this character. I am currently building my portfolio. so thought why not do this character. I am currently working on this character share update on major updates.

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Update - 7 Sep 2022

I am creating PUNISHER (frank castle) from the Marvel series.

starting from this base mesh. bought onine I am not sure. I removed all the muscle details and did some UV and polygrouped it as per my convenience. started blocking out.

blocked out the face in symmetry up to this level. then did some polypaint to verify the character bit. 

I am happy with this . so started to block the body. the way I prepared a loypoly base for cloths is just masking base mesh and zremesher a couple of times and modifying the topology to get good.

after this, I roughly blocked out the shape f the hair, eyebrow, and armor to get the character's feel. 

and then poly-painted the character roughly to get the full character feel.

The future workflow will be updated as my character creation goes.

to contact me for freelance work or a job contact me on Instagram @killivalavancg.

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