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Lab 1 Passion project: Destiny Destination

Lab 1 Passion project: Destiny Destination

by itskaroshi on 4 Sep 2022

Uni project about a hypothetical new destination in Destiny 2 and my own hypothetical DLC.

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For my one of my University classes we were allowed to embark on a 'passion project', essentially about to work on and create anything that we wanted. For my passion project, I wanted to work on my own hypothetical DLC for the game series Destiny. 

In the previous trimester, I created my own new character 'Dawn'. A potential predecessor to the Cayde-6, a popular character in the game who had died. With the introduction of Dawn I had to figure out a way this hypothetical character would enter the game and that's when I came up with the idea of a hypothetical DLC called.. 'Emergence'. 

After completing this little project, when the opportunity to work on anything was presented to me in my next trimester I knew that I should work on it some more. Hence I asked the question of "What if I created a new destination to accompany this DLC and Dawn?"

So the planning began.

I needed to determine the best potential planet/celestial body on which this new destination would be based and how it might look. In conclusion, I decided on the moon Ganymede of Jupiter. But, with a ruined and sandy desert twist. Ganymede, in terms of my hypothetical lore, was colonised by the Vex, who teleported a part of a city into the moon. However, they ended up breaking the moon, its core blowing up leaving the moon shattered. When mankind finally arrived at the planet they decided to take it back, using it as a checkpoint for guardians travelling even further than our solar system.

Below is the destination map for Ganymede and the main key locations:

- Ruins of Minato

- Kaikyo Blockade

- Apocathon Drift (RAID)

And finally, here is the concept art for Ruins of Minato and the Kaikyo Blockade (Apocathon drift is unfinished and will be worked on despite the project being handed in).

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