Valley of the Selenian Lakes

Valley of the Selenian Lakes

Samuel Mathiesen
by Hallwinter on 19 Aug 2022

A personal project focused on world building through a landscape environment, as well as lighting and composition. Hero assets (characters, banners ect.) created by myself, the rest are Quixel Megascans and Epic's free assets.

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"The Selenian Lakes have known tranquil surrounded by fragments of the First Moon and in the shadow of the Second for many generations. There, in those lowlands at the edge of the world, a different order has ruled. One separate from those of the center of the continent. Few travellers from other parts of the continent make the journey through the Selenian Ridge. Even fewer go the other way, venturing out from the isolated lands sheltered by the scar of the impact of the First Moon. But the crystal clear lakes of the valley, enchanted long ago to reveal secrets and futures in the gaze of the moon, now show a diverging path for the people and creatures of this long-lost land."

Lighting & Progress Breakdown

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