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Fields of Celtiberia

Fields of Celtiberia

Marta Sebastián Valverde
by diankraArt on 11 Aug 2022

Personal project I have been working on for the past year.

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This is my final project for school. It's about a topic I really love: the pre-Roman inhabitans of Iberia. I have investigated everything there is to know about the Celtiberians to portray them as truthfully as possible and here is the result:

Aunia is a priestess dedicated to Lug, the Bright One. I wanted her outfit to reflect her dedication to this god, with light colors that speak of the sky, clouds and sun. She is the daughter of a river goddess (nymph) who takes the shape of a snake, so her eyes aren't completely human. 

Lubbo is Aunia's fiancé and the son of the local blacksmith. He is friendly and kind, although his status isn't really high. He is a hard-worker, which I have reflected in his action poses. He also has a cart which he uses to carry the iron from Mons Chaunus to Numantia. 

Amtilekus is a very rich warrior, and I wanted to reflect it on his dress and attire. He wears blue, a very expensive dye, a Hispano-calcidic helmet, very decorated, custom linen armor and a falcata he bought to a merchant. All of this speaks for his status in the community. He is fierce and brave.

Kalatos is a ruthless warrior, who might be considered a villain even. His nose broke during a fight before the story started. He has no mercy for his enemy and relish on their suffering. This, however, makes him more respected among his peers. 

This creature roams the forests near Numantia. Is similar to the traditional Unicorn, although it has little wings on his feet and his horn has mystical powers. His friendly looks can trick you, it is very violent and strong, and will attack in unpredictable ways. 

These are the guardians of the woods. To those unfamiliar with them, they look like strange children. Only those really familiar with the irrational world will see them as they are. The torcs and hats tell their story, as they once were human priests before turning into creatures of the wood. 

Those who die in combat have the highest honors in this culture. Their bodies are not incinerated, but eaten by vultures. These sacred beasts will take their souls to the heavens, where the Gods live.

The streets of Numantia, both during the day and during the nignt. 

The inside of a typical Numantian home.

Fountain dedicated to the goddess Obana, Aunia's mother. Here, people leave offerings for her expecting her help. She is there taking the shape of a white snake. 

The Matres are the Celtiberian triple goddess. They symbolize life and abundance and are adored in deep caves. In this image, the sanctuary is adorned with simple statues, such as the people from this era would make. 

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