Ancient Indian Art Substance 3D designer

Ancient Indian Art Substance 3D designer

Pranav. A S
by Leodepranav on 25 Jul 2022

India is rich with Abundance of Art styles, mostly the combination of Art and Architecture. and Inspiring Details and dedication.

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Development And Challenges of Creating Indian Monument Art Using Substance Designer

The Inspiring Art Of India

How inspiration Comes From or How to build?, Everything from our outside. I Born and brought up in India and every time I'm so much fascinated with the Art and Architecture of Indian Temples and Monuments. Not only me all the people living in India so  much closer to this Tradition and Still Scientists are Wondering that how that Ancient Artists Achieved this much of details and Proper proportion of each work in different stones and other mediums. Same like others I'm also so much wonder the Art of India. Then Started Making Materials in substance designer and I can assert that we can't able to reach the level of details they done in stone. it might have happen in future but medium wise the unknown artists have so Amazing talent. Mostly I started with Basic Shapes and adding details, levels of each maps and Colors to the material, and here also I used the same Method to Achieve the Quality. 

Gathering References

Of course, I began taking pictures of different wall panels for reference sake, when I was doing Bachelor of fine arts, every Third year my college conduct an  All India tour for 35 Days, That time we visited Lots of Places in India and realize so many art styles evolved from India and some more adapted from the Mughal era, and what I understood from this Journey what ever art evolving or adding to Indian art style It's become a Indian Style. Indian Art Mostly Work Based on the Shadanga six limbs of Indian painting, and Chitrasootra The Ancient book Recorded Thousands of Slogas to create Mural art and temple art and Architecture. So the proportions and drawings or Sculpting methods are not same like European art. and starting  of technicality I Mostly prefer Pure ref software for arranging our mood board and It's so Much helpful for every artist to keep their reference proper and Efficient while doing our works.

Like I Mention before These works are so much out of the Box, The complexity confused, and the sublime feel engulf us where to start and which basic shape we can create first. As an artist we should develop a keen observation and spend more time for each works. Then I realize that we don't need to create exactly like what ever things are created, That is not a creative process yet. so I started created my own designs using these references and try to match my Reference. 

Start with Basics

Most of the time I search for the inspiring part to start, and I like one design from my reference that helps me to complete the whole work. I  started with shape node and then most favorable  Transform node. Transform node helps to tile and arrange the designs,  we should turn off the tiling because it won't help for further development of the work. But according to the project and necessary we can use tiling.

Once I created the Basic shape with shape node and transform node, I used edge detect, once we used this edge detect node it will create a stroke effect of your shape and it will remove the filled areas. and Flower design, this one used both top and bottom of the design. flower also used basic shape and along with transform node and  I used Trapezoid node for pointing one edge of the shape for converting the basic disc shape to leaf  or flower petal like shape then combined both of the shapes using Blend node.

The Idea of Combining shapes in One Node

While doing this work I was confused how to arrange different shapes in a one node, Otherwise here is lots of nodes for different designs and I have to align the designs without tiling issue, Then I understood if we arrange different shapes in one side with a main center part and it will automatically cover the tile opposite side.      

The Process View

More Faster More Advance

Basically I'm not a Fast artist I need some time for understanding, But it's not like that if we don't have interest in a work we feel that work is heavy, But what I understood find a inspiring and interesting beginning. for doing and completing this work I spend two days only, some of my friends and collogues asked me how you finished with in two days, the answer is very simple once you understood what is the core working method to reach the level of realism and quality then we can optimize the time consumption.


The Maps

Gradation for Albedo

Substance Designer is More Advance for picking color value from any color data, but it's not easy like what we are thinking more than six times I try to find out the color gradation. Not just a color value I just used cloud 3 and cloud 1 node and blend together then connected to the edge wear node to create the variation of color.

Final Node

This work is the Dedication to Indian Art and the unknown Artists.

Final Look

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