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Leaf Substance 3D Designer

Leaf Substance 3D Designer

Pranav. A S
by Leodepranav on 24 Jul 2022

Inspiration Comes from Nature, and good Artist inspire from their outside and themselves.

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Leaf Semi Realistic Game Ready Material Substance 3D Designer


This Work one of my Challenges in Substance designer, Most of the time I am so Inspired from Architectural and Human and Animal Textures and Surface Details, But More Inspire and Complicated Things From Nature only, How the details evolve and how the changes give another life to the natural things. "Substance 3D Designer"   is more advance software and I am so much fascinated with this software, Substance designer rich with Abundance of  creative nodes.

Start With Basic Shapes

Basically I start with What is the Basic Shape in the Design, and Based on my experience I understood that that is the best and Comprehensive way of creating any work. The Main goal is What ever we are doing we have to make a good output so From the beginning to end I like to work with  Basic Shapes and Basic Nodes.

Software updating with different new nodes, It's important that we have to update new nodes here, but my workflow is what are the basic nd default nodes are here with that or with that limit nodes how we can create a Master Piece.

Here I used Opacity map also for hiding Background and it's more easy to Handling both Gaming and Movies.  

The Complete Node Structure

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