A Hidden Spot

A Hidden Spot

LucÍa Remartínez de Miguel
by luciareguel on 18 Jul 2022

Enviroment design where some adventurers find a hidden shrine between the trees, a perfect spot to take a long rest.

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This is the final illustration, in different times of the day and different weather. The entirety of this project was made in Adobe Photoshop.

Here is the full creative process:

I experimented with different stone architecture during the thumbnail state, so I could figure out what the key object would be. I also started looking for references for the project.

Next is the camera thumbnails to see what view would fit the most in the idea I had in mind for this project.

After choosing the thumbnail, I did some colour variations so I could tried different colour palettes.

Now it's time to do the final illustration, doing the sketch, base color, shading and lightning.

Then I did the same illustration but changing between different times of the day and types of weather.

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