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Coernix gas station

Coernix gas station

Judit Carrera
by juditcarcues on 16 Jul 2022

Final Fantasy XV inspired environment

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Coernix gas station - from Final Fantasy XV

my first environment

After a few weeks I can finally publish this project :)

Our teacher gave us as the topic of the main practice of the course: a car and a gas station. Looking in my head, the first thing that pop up was Final Fantasy XV and the Regalia car.  However I couldn't make it because lack of references so I decided to model the legendary Delorean of Back to the Future with a few variations.

I've worked really hard on this project as I was learning how to compose large scenes, texture large sets, and model an amount of props on time. In this period I also learnt how to make plants and trees which was really fun and entertaining. 
The hardest part of the proccess was the modular modelling of the building. Also modelling the car was so hard.

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