Stylized Sculpt Bust

Stylized Sculpt Bust

Santanu Saha
by Santanu on 27 Jun 2022

This project was done for this weekly challenge. Now I am learning Zbrush so I choose to create all this in Zbrush model texture and some lighting. Hope you all like this work.

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In these 3 weeks, I think to create 2 main models in the last 2 weeks.

In the first week, I start to study the stylized model concept and how shapes are important in these stylized things, after studying and practicing for the first week then create one model then next week I create the other one in last week. So, hope you all like this.

So Start with Week 2

This week I try friendly with poly paint and shape knowledge, mostly for groom's part

It's the full view, also did some post effects in photoshop.
Now the break down part

also, created a turntable for this model

This week I try to get some character facial details and expressions and am also a little bit confident about poly paint from last week. And also look into how light works in Zbrush with wax modifiers turn on in material.

And I love this type of rough and grunge bg so I go for this.

And also I like this rough clay shader so think I to share it with you all guys, hope you all also like this

And finally the breakdown part of this final model

Also created a turntable for this model, hope you all love it

And this is it from my side for this stylized art weekly challenge, hope you all love this. 

Please make sure you all comment on what you think about this project, criticism is most welcome guys it will help me to grow more. And Have a great day all and thank you, everyone.

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