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Assault rifle “Vulcan”

Assault rifle “Vulcan”

by Hplusi on 19 Jun 2022

I hope you like it) Some process in description

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Assault rifle “Vulcan” 

Im glad to present my first finished full pipeline project. Game ready model of ukrainian bullpup version AK-74. Weapon designed by "INTERPROINVEST" for special forces. I saw it in footage from ongoing war, and decided that i should model and texture it as proof of my growing skills. I used live boolean pipeline for highpoly (tnx a lot to Eugeniy Petrov for his great tutorial).

Polycount - 45k triangles (21k body, and 24k magazine, silencer and scope)

Textures - PBR metal\rough 2 sets of 4k (one for body, other for attachments)

Process was challenging but interesting. Mainly i followed path of what i seen in tutorial but applying to my project.  I used Maya to make blockout, using technical drawing that i found on site of weapon making company.

Highpoly was made from blockout using combined technique. Easier parts made with subD and harder with liveboolean in Zbrush)

Then i made lowpoly reusing meshes from highpoly(now i know that i can make polycount smaller)

UV was made in Rizom(im in love with its power and speed). I used 2 UV sets of 4k(one for body and one for attachments) Texel is +-70px/cm. I resized UV islands that was out of camera view so they get texel around 40, and upscale important one(what player can see)

Than im baked all in Marmoset(10 times at least, cause there where problems allaround)

And i step in to the hardest part for me. It was actually my first project where i did texturing. Like im opened Painter few times before, but it was for fun, and in the beginning i know nothing about it.

So i did some texture mixing magic, when you dont know what to do and just moving sliders hoping for the best)) I spent like 3 or 4 weeks on that part and it was painfull.

Finally i got to the renders in Marmoset. Kinda hard as well cause bad render will ruin even the greatest work. So i setup my gun in most used poses i see on artstation and press the button. Then some sharpness and Hue\Saturation tweaks in Photoshop and its ready to go.

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