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Lighting | Layout

Lighting | Layout

Nik Ladoukakis
by nikladoukakis on 19 Jun 2022

Did this last year of course. I and others used a CGI pipeline to make this project. I was the layout and lighting person for the interrogation room this involved me making the room and laying out where the props will be placed. | For those who have been involved names are at the end of the video

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Final Project

What the room looks like before the props


Texture | Hypershade

Floor Shader | Hypershade

Celling Shader | Hypershade

Tiles Shader | Hypershade

Wall Shader | Hypershade

Brake Down Render 

Final | Diffuse albedo | Normal | Specular albedo | Specular

Room without props | Room with props 

This shows that we had to render different paths/cards for the foreground,  mid-ground and background to get the illusion 

We used Premiere pro for post-production to get the head and smoke moving, and to get the cards moving at the right time as you see in the video 

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