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Detour - Facade

Detour - Facade

Sam Haouas
by samhaouas on 18 Jun 2022

My final project for my second year at ESMA. The goal was to create every (nearly) every aspect of a 10 seconds short revolving around a building, the "facade" in question. I decided to center mine on a 1950s-styled diner and an old man named Bob who, for the first time in years, heads back to an old location he loved.

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Final short, composited and edited.

Isolated first shot, showcasing the film grain effect.

Comparison between said shot with and without compositing.

Global view of the diner, with and without raw texturing and lighting.

Wireframe turnaround.

Final concept image, day and night version.

Preliminary concept sketches.

Storyboard animatic, based on a previous version of the story. At some point, the letter at the end would have been integral to the rest of the story, but this was deemed too confusing for 10 seconds of screentime.

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