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Maid Guilty - Blacksad

Maid Guilty - Blacksad

Sam Haouas
by samhaouas on 17 Jun 2022

A school project in my second year at ESMA where we had to design a character based in the Blacksad universe, and then create a storyboard sequence to tell a story around them. I had chosen a maid for my design, who decides to get rid of her old employer in cold blood after seeing him again for the first time in years.

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Final character design, with a study to explain the anatomy underneath the clothing. I chose a wolverine as I thought it fit her character well and it was not an animal you often saw outside of cartoony characters.

Reference sheet.

Beta design and sketches, where she was initially intended to look much more mean, menacing, and less feminine.

Full storyboard sequence:

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