Crimson Typhoon GUI Group Project

Crimson Typhoon GUI Group Project

Meilissa Johana Alexsaputri
by Amsyar, Jae Chua, Jamie A Jamandre, Muhd Azim, Vincent Saputra, and meilissa on 14 May 2019

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This is our school's group assignment about Graphical User Interface design, hard surface modeling, complex compositing and animation. We chose Crimson Typhoon from Pacific Rim.


3D Model: Jamie A Jamandre

Lead Compositor: Amsyar
Camera Animation: Meilissa Johana and Amsyar
Material and Lighting: Vincent Saputra
2D GUI design: Meilissa Johana
Typography animation: Jae Chua
3D GUI design: Muhd Azim

Full breakdown of project:

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