Pip - 3D Print

Pip - 3D Print

Harry England
by Hazza on 15 Jun 2022

A side project where I take an old character of mine and create a 3D print of him!

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This is a small side project during my main uni project, where I took an old character of mine, created a simple 3D model, then 3D printed and painted it!

Above is an old drawing of the character when he was first concieved. I would end up refining the design during the 3D modeling process in Zbrush.

Here are some progress shots of the sculpt. Due to the simple design, it involved appending shapes are deforming them rather than organic sculpting, along with the use of booleans.

Above is the final sculpt with an added base. Small bumps were added as a subtle detail just so the character's body wasn't a boring, smooth surface.

Small pegs were added to the feet, along with holes in the base to slot the character onto the base for stability.

Here's the print! Initially there were issues with the leaves, so they were made chunkier to avoid snapping.

Unfortunately I don't have progress images for the painting process. It was a standard model painting process involving removing the supports and sanding the model, spraying the entire print with black spraypaint, then applying layers of acrylic paint with a matte varnish finish. 

I also scattered modeling grass on the base to make it just a bit more visually interesting and appealing.

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