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Damien Le Mâl
by DamienLeMal on 8 Jul 2022

This game is a student project, it was made with Unity 2D as an assignment in programmation class.

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About the Game

This game is a student project, it was made with Unity 2D as an assignment in programmation class.

It's an arcade game where you control a ship floating in space, your goal is to beat 10 waves of enemies without dying killed by the enemies or crushed by an asteroid.

At the end of every wave, you'll get to choose between 3 stat increase such as speed, rotation speed, fire rate, the number of beams you fire, life, etc.


The starting point for the design was a prototype I made in unity, where you control a ship flying around a planet with simulated gravity.

It was there that I made the controls of the ship, I wanted to make the player feel all the inertia of the ship while keeping the controls reliable.

When reducing the size of the planet and throw it on the ship, I figured it was fun to avoid the gravity and thus, the asteroids where born.

The rest of the design was also found while playing around with what I could do with my code that could be fun to play; I've added shooting and enemies and so I had the objective, the challenge so for the reward I figured that it would be cool to increase the player's power hence the wave system.

The rest was balancing, I tested how many enemies I could fit in the scene before it was unbearable. I needed to find a way to allow the player to recover health point, by making it drop from dead enemies, I could make the player more aggressive and by making it a collectable, I had a new micro OCR loop for the player.

The asteroid was too easy to dodge so I used lightning to make it less visible, I also made the asteroid more likely to drop health point.


The game is made with Unity and C#. As said before, the programmation took a big part in designing the game and thanks to Unity it was really easy to implement new ideas to test.

Often I had to find solution to design problem by testing it, for instance, should I move the camera with the player ? Really easy to implement, I found that it would be better to be able to see every ennemies, otherwise it felt unfair when hit from a blind spot.

The enemies IA is made using a simple custom boid program with unity's collider system.

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